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Eden Rising Supremacy Announced



Montreal, Canada, March 15, in the year of our Lord 2018 - Independent Studios Meridian4 and Nvizzio Creations have announced an all-new, online, multiplayer co-op game titled Eden Rising: Supremacy. It will be available in Early Access for PC on Steam in Q2. Eden Rising blends open world action with both tower defense and survival elements to create a unique co-op focused game that will bring the genre into the next generation.

In Eden Rising: Supremacy, players land on an alien world and their arrival disrupts the planets peaceful equilibrium, causing the two inhabitants to go to war once more. The native wildlife; diverse, intelligent and deadly, take on the ancient machine race known as The Crucibles. The Crucibles have offered unfathomable power in return for protection, and players must unite their tribe and defend The Crucibles against the endless hordes of hostile alien life.

Meridian4 and Nvizzio Creations have formed their own publishing label for their debut self-published title under the name The Wall Productions. "We are incredibly excited to announce Eden Rising: Supremacy. Not only are we stepping into self-publishing for the very first time, but we have worked hard to create something truly special. I believe players will love the co-op experience we have created in this lush, vivid world." said Jeff Giasson, President of The Wall Productions.

Eden Rising Supremacy is set to be jam-packed full of content for the early access version. With over 30+ hours of entertainment, which includes endgame challenges for the most fearsome tribes to face. Players will have to explore a beautiful and massive world for resources in order to craft armor, weapons, and defenses. Then, protect The Crucibles against the relentless onslaught of monstrous alien life.

Eden Rising: Supremacy will be coming to Steam Early Access in Early May 2018 and plans to be in early access for around 6 months, with an estimated Q4 full release.

Early Access Core Features:
• Open world, co-op that blends tower defense action with open world survival.
• Explore a rich, open world full of exotic flora and fauna.
• Survive an alien planet filled with danger around every turn.
• Defend the crucibles in action-packed tower defense gameplay.
• Craft a variety of unique weapons, armor, and traps to defend the Crucibles.
• 8-player co-op (16-player at full launch); create your own server for your friends or join an open one.
• Customize your server difficulty for tribes of any size and control the challenge.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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