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Cytus alpha and Deemo Switch release dates



Tokyo, December 28th, in the year of our Lord 2018 --During its latest ‘Flyhigh Express’ broadcast out of Tokyo, Flyhigh Works was delighted to make two announcements regarding Nintendo Switch releases from developer Rayark.

Cytus α [alpha] was confirmed for a Japanese release on 25th April, and is available to pre-order now from online retailers in the country. Pre-orders of the first print will include a special CD featuring music from ‘Chapter Omega’, content that will only be available on the CD in this edition.

Full release details for the West will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Cytus α is an immersive rhythm music experience by Rayark, blending its story with over 200 varied tracks and unique gameplay, with those tracks also having re-arranged versions to experience. This Nintendo Switch entry in the Cytus series has a revamped user interface to suit the system, and there will also be online leaderboards to see other players’ scores.

Also, another Rayark title already available on Nintendo Switch, Deemo, has a notable update on the way. Version 1.5 will add the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs), and also 10 additional tracks will be added to the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con piano playlist. We’ve appreciated the response to the Labo Toy-Con support in Deemo, and hope players will enjoy playing 10 more songs on the device when this update launches in the near future.

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