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Video Game Disconnect - Patience



Cordova, TN; June 26, in the year of our Lord 2017--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing our new series under the umbrella Video Game Disconnect. These are articles on areas of double standards and disconnections within the video game industry. This article is on the topic of patience. How many video game companies ask you to be patient to purchase their products? How many video game media outlets ask you to wait to purchase a game? How many times do you hear someone say they cannot wait for a game to get released? How many times have you heard someone say they cannot wait to play a certain game? What is missing from the premises behind each of those? I would say patience. Why are we gamers so impatient?

The easy answer is video games have taught us to be impatient. Like mindless drones, or lemmings too many of us gamers have gone along with that lesson. I believe it is a bit more complicated than that though. I believe the current society and technology in America is more to blame. We have drive through food, media, pharmacies, and more. Turn on a television and watch what you want to when you want to thanks to technology. Use DVDs and Blu-rays to watch what you want when you want as well. You can go to a plethora of places to eat what you want when you want. Or you can buy something and bring it home to cook it. Less time is required to make things thanks to microwaves. The Internet allows us to read and watch what we want at the click of a few keys or mouse buttons.

Why don’t we hear more about patience from the gaming media outlets? Should we go back to the simple business lessons? After all many of the gaming media outlets focus on keeping advertisers happy. Advertisers are spending money and want a return on that. They want to receive more sales thanks to their advertisements. So they want reviews to say: “Go buy this right now!” There is also a huge lack of diversity in the gaming industry in terms of thought and perspective. That was covered in the Conservative video game disconnect article. It all connects when you look at it from a holistic approach. At least Family Friendly Gaming has told all ya’ll to be patient for over a decade.

We encourage you to think for yourself here at Family Friendly Gaming. Do not go with the herd because others are. Peer pressure is the worst reason to do anything. Do what is right. Do what makes the most sense. Use your own common sense. Include God in your decisions. Be patient to purchase games. Be patient to purchase systems. You will get more for your money, and you will be exercising patience. You can give Family Friendly Gaming your opinion on this. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this disconnect? Do you want a better video game industry going forward? What say you?

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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