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Say Hello to Creepy Brawlers!

October 25, in the year of our Lord 2017 -- Out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Creepy Brawlers combines retro-styled video game boxing and silver screen terrors in a knock-out package- seriously, look at the gorgeously sculpted custom NES cartridges that come with the game’s limited edition!

Face off against eleven monsters, from the Doppleganger who’ll steal your face (and your moves), to Frankenstein’s monster, who won’t stay down for anything- especially not the referee. The game’s putrid pugilists are prepared to punch your precious, peachy cheeks into the grave- lose the round, and you’ll lose your soul.

Each monster has multiple forms- during a fight, you’ll soon discover that there’s more to each brawler than meets the eye! You’ll need to have your counter attacks at the ready to knock back whatever comes at you. You may float like a butterfly, but according to the clown, everybody seems to do that.

Key Facts and Features
Creepy Brawlers is an actual NES game, cartridge and all- you’ll need to whip out your Nintendo to play!
Eleven monsters to fight, inspired by classic horror stories
Four arenas, including the Monster Movie Mansion and top secret Laboratory 52
Evolving enemies- This isn’t even my final form!
An achievement system, with 18 achievements to unlock
Super Spooky

Where’s That Music Coming From?

Where there are eight bit games, so too must be 8-bit music, and Creepy Brawlers is no exception- the game’s chiptune soundtrack includes music by Danimal Cannon and Mitch Foster- additionally, the soundtrack is available on a separate NES cartridge, Creeping It Reel, which includes the legendary Dancing Pumpkin Man (you have to see it to believe it) and a Trick-or-Treat pachinko minigame.


Android Presidents Ride Genetically Superior Eagles in Justice Duel

October 25, in the year of our Lord 2017 -- Out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Justice Duel is a video game in which AI versions of past presidents face-off against one another whilst jousting atop genetically engineered eagles. Don’t throw away your shot- saddle up your eagle and prepare to duel!

This isn’t your Founding Father’s bird jousting game- you’ve gotta watch out for bear traps, firecrackers bursting in midair and land mines disguised as eagle eggs. Less than 1% of NES games allow more than two players at a time- Justice Duel supports up to four simultaneously!

Key Facts and Features

An authentic retro experience, Justice Duel is out now on the NES
Up to four players can duel one another locally (requires Four Score)
Four playable figures from American history, including Abraham Lincoln and General Lee
Four arenas for dueling, from the Capitol Building to the U.S.S. Independence
Bombs, missiles, bear traps and firecrackers- the 2nd Amendment is in full force.
20 Achievements, each a challenge to unlock, because freedom ain’t free!
Genetically engineered cyborg eagles with top hats!

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