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Limited Scorpion Commemorative Edition for XBOX One X



October 16, in the year of our Lord 2017 -- To celebrate the forthcoming launch of Xbox One X (codenamed and branded Project Scorpio in the Day 1 edition), Trigger Treadz are releasing a limited edition commemorative Scorpion branded pack for all original XBOX controllers.

Featuring an iconic Scorpion design contouring, these very limited-edition Trigger Treadz will enhance any Xbox One controller and be a great complement to the world’s most powerful console!

Trigger Treadz utilise a high-quality material that provide the gamer with an enhanced gaming experience by helping to reduce the effect of sweaty fingers slipping off the controller triggers in heated gaming sessions and reducing pressure on trigger fingers. This unique pack features 4 unique Trigger Treadz, 2 Lime Green and 2 Jet Black with an exclusive Scorpion Design.

Using the new Pro Grip+ adhesive, Trigger Treadz stay put in play but are easily removed if you fancy a change of grip.

Compatible with all original XBOX One Controllers (XBOX One X, XBOX One, Elite)

Get Traction on the Action!

Dean Harvey, iMP Managing Director said “Trigger Treadz have been a remarkable success and loved by gamers everywhere for the enhance feel and control they provide to heated gaming sessions. This special edition provides a great complement to the XBOX One X enhancing gameplay and providing a stylish complement to this class leading console”.

XBOX One Trigger Treadz – Project Scorpio Limited Edition
SRP: 6.99/€8.99/$9.99 for 4 Trigger Treadz (2 pairs per pack).

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