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GameMaker Studio 2 Launches



DUNDEE, SCOTLAND – MARCH 8, in the year of our Lord 2017 – The wait is over for seasoned and aspiring cross-platform game developers as YoYo Games releases the highly anticipated GameMaker Studio 2. The global launch follows the successful open beta and gives developers the ultimate tools to take creative concepts to market quickly and efficiently. GameMaker Studio 2 is now available from the YoYo Games website starting at $99.99.

YoYo Games also revealed that GameMaker Studio 2 will launch a closed beta for the Mac IDE to give Mac developers access to the powerful GameMaker Studio platform for the first time. Developers may learn more about the upcoming closed beta on the YoYo Games website.

GameMaker Studio 2 builds upon the best of its predecessor with rich new features and functionality that take the 2D game development environment to a new level. Beginners with limited to no coding experience will rest assured as the trademarked Drag and Drop system (DnD™) translates into actual code, while professional developers retain access to a powerful programming language and comprehensive set of tools for advance exporting and rapid deployment across all leading platforms including mobile, console and desktop.

With a completely redesigned User Interface, powerful new editors, enhanced monetization tools and more, GameMaker Studio 2 also introduces new features and improvements with:

Level editing features: new layer-based level editing gives developers the ability to create more complex visuals with backgrounds, tiles, instances, assets and paths. New features also include level inheritance to create multiple levels at once, and an advanced tiling system that automatically selects the right tile for the job;
Cross-platform: available for Windows (Vista and above) and soon for Mac OS X for target development across multiple platforms including Windows Desktop, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, Android (including Android TV, Amazon Fire and Fire TV), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and more;
Workflow enhancements: a new innovative workflow and seamless path from DnD™ to actual code with multiple workspaces, user definable resource views, real-time updates from one editor to another, and cross platform source level debugging;
Native extensions: Game Maker Language (GML) supports all native targets to simplify the cross-platform development.

“GameMaker Studio 2 takes all the best features of the previous version and elevates game development for all levels by simplifying the process and allowing creators to focus on making fun and engaging games that can quickly come to market,” said James Cox, General Manager, YoYo Games. “YoYo Games is dedicated to supporting the community and delivering the tools to help developers be successful without breaking the bank.”


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