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8Bitdo Brings the Past to the Future



Karlstad, Sweden – August 8th, in the year of our Lord 2017 – 8Bitdo®, leaders in retro-inspired video game hardware, announced today plans to unveil their latest range of innovate products at gamescom 2017 taking place in Cologne from August 22nd through August 26th.

Distributed throughout Europe by Game Outlet Europe (GOE Distribution), 8Bitdo has quickly established themselves as a major force in video game hardware thanks to their highly unique, multi-format controllers, based on game pads from the golden age of gaming. Marrying state of the art Bluetooth® technology with meticulously designed, high-quality products, 8Bitdo is building upon their recent success with a new range of products designed to appeal to retro and modern gamers alike.

Expected to begin shipping from September 2017, the new products being unveiled at gamescom 2017 include:

NES30 Arcade Stick

Now you’re playing with NES30 power! Based on the iconic NES colour scheme, so memorable to a generation of console fans, the NES30 Arcade Stick might evoke nostalgia, but is loaded with the cutting-edge technology needed for today’s software. Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology, the NES30 is ideal for use with Nintendo® Switch™ but is fully compatible with a host of platforms including PC, Android® and Mac. High quality ball-top joystick and 30mm action buttons provide the real arcade experience, and no retro inspired controller would be complete without optional turbo button to make those arcade classics a little more manageable! Features rechargeable lithium-ion battery and an input switch to toggle between D-Pad and Thumbstick control.

TwinCube Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

8Bit style, first class sound, the TwinCube Stereo Speakers are the perfect accompaniment to any gaming platform. A powerful set of stereo speakers, the TwinCube Speakers come finished in a retro D-Pad design and blue and red colour scheme, perfectly matching the coloured Joy-Con™ controllers, found on Nintendo Switch. Quickly and easily synching with each other and their host device, the TwinCube Speakers will pair with any Bluetooth audio device, delivering, crystal-clear audio for gaming, movies and music. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries keep the audio rocking and optional AUX-in connection allows for compatibility with virtually any audio device.

SFC30 Pro and SNES30 Pro GamePad

The perfect fusion of retro familiarity and modern technology, the SFC30 Pro and SNES30 Pro are the ideal controllers for those who want it all! An homage to the Super Famicom™ and Super Nintendo™ controllers, (arguably considered the finest of all time), the SFC30 and SNES30 feature discrete wireless Bluetooth technology, ensuring compatibility with Nintendo Switch, mobile, PC, Mac and other smart devices. In addition, full USB-C compatibility allows for advanced one cable connection to compatible devices, providing controller connection and recharging functionality all in one. Powerful vibration feedback provides realistic rumble effects with compatible software and when using multiple controllers on the same system, player indication lights quickly and easily inform the gamer what position they are in. Lastly, the SFC30 and SNES30 supports full six-axis, motion control compatibility, allowing for use with many motion control titles on Switch and other platforms.


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