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What Diversity in Gaming Really Means



Cordova, TN; October 19, in the year of our Lord 2015--Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is bringing into the light the truth about certain code catch phrases used. You have probably seen news story on secular and worldly gaming sites about diversity in gaming. Ever ask yourself what it really means? Some of ya’ll probably think it means what the words actually mean. Different viewpoints, perspectives, and outlooks. I find it funny when some company or organization claims they allow all viewpoints. Know what I find they are missing each and every single time? A Godly perspective. Christians are denied a voice when diversity is brought up. So I analyzed the voices they allow and have easily been able to discern what they actually mean.

Ultimately what they mean falls into two closely connected categories. The first one is rebellion against God. If it violates God’s law written on the hearts of all man then it fits into their definition of diversity. The second category is if it discriminates, persecutes, or attacks Christians. That also fits into their definition of diversity. It is sad that Christians are denied a place at the table when diversity is brought up in press releases, company statements, and group gatherings. Especially when we are in a country where the super majority self identify as Christian. Why these attacks on Christians in what should be a Christian nation? Why discriminate against the people who came up with the system that promotes and provides freedom?

America is quickly splitting into two countries. One that celebrates rebellion against God, and one that faithfully obeys God. One side celebrations attacks on Christians, and the other stands firm with and for Christians. Each and every one of us decides whether we accept the right path, and the right things to do. Or we choose the wrong path, and the wrong things to do. The radical zealots who are angry at God will accept nothing short of their way one hundred percent of the time. America may be split into multiple pieces because of their hate filled direction. I find that sad. I find it sad that people who claim to celebrate diversity, actually mean they celebrate the death, and destruction of our Christian culture. I find it sad that they act just like the Nazi’s.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming


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