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Cordova, TN; February 9, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is acknowledging the complaints from many in Family Friendly Gaming Nation. Too many online games are set up to grant unfair advantages to those who spend the most money. Whether it is card battling online or some kind of first person shooter, the best gamers are the ones that spend the most money. Is that what our industry wants to be known for? The gaming companies certainly make money off of this. So they have no interest in keeping the playing field even and fair. The lack of balance exposes their greed. Gamers are the ones that can correct this by doing a couple of things.

I have been blessed to have lived all over the world. It is interesting to me that certain areas have better bandwidth and better speeds for Internet connections. Then there are more expensive and faster WiFi devices or directly connect to the Modem. Also you have whatever device being used to play the game. Some people invest massive amounts of money to have better devices. Then we get into certain games and there are purchases that can be made. My experience is the more money you spend in the game the better equipment, gear, cards, and whatever else you will receive. I have also noted certain online games like to advertise Routers to the gamers. Think they get a little financial kick back for that? Following their advertisements will grant you better results in the game. But should you be required to buy your way to victory?

I want Family Friendly Gaming Nation to know something important. I hear you. I listen to you. I agree with you on this issue. I find this entire system to be wrong. I do not believe in buying wins. I do not believe in buying victory. It should be based on skills, practice, and talents. Maybe a little luck here and there. So I spent the time and money to write this article. What can you do? Speak out against it. Tell these companies you will not play their game because the only way to win is to pay for victories. When you find a game requires payment for victory, stop playing it. Tell your friends and family to avoid that kind of a video game. Avoid playing online modes. Ask for local modes. As the message gets out companies will take notice. When the numbers get high enough you will effect change.


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