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Los Angeles – June 10, in the year of our Lord 2013 –unu™, the world’s first universal entertainment hub will debut this week at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the video gaming industry’s premiere conference. At E3, a projected 45,000 attendees will have a chance to demo UNU prior to its summer 2013 launch, and see how the sleek, slender 7”, $199 - $249 Android-based tablet, serves as a universal hub in any room in your home.

unu™ is created by Sunflex Europe, renowned manufacturer and distributor of video game accessories, including the popular Snakebyte™ brand. unu™ aims to create a blue ocean product that fulfills a growing desire of consumers to have one, affordable product that serves all of their entertainment needs.

unu™ is universal. It is a video gaming system. It turns your TV into a Smart TV. It is a tablet..It works in any room in your home, and can travel with you. It comes with a proprietary wireless bluetooth Air Mouse to easily navigate the big screen and a video game controller with heft, yet compactly designed. The backside of the Air Mouse also includes a keyboard for comfortable Internet browsing, or the typing emails.

“Consumers are longing for a product that is all-in-one, easy to
use and affordable,“ explains Nicki Repenning, VP, Business Development, Sunflex USA. “unu™ has multi-room capabilities, which means you are not restricted to enjoying full entertainment to just one TV.”

unu™, which launches this summer in the US and several European countries, will come to stores in two different versions - a media and a gaming edition - both equipped with the 7’’ display.

At its core, it is a small, slender tablet running on Android. unu™ has a wide range of usability, including the more than 500,000 entertainment choices available on Google Play. You can easily play your favorite video games/app on the big screen, followed by a great movie, and ending with some good music.

The user interface has been entirely developed in-house and is perfectly designed for instant access to all its functions. Powered by a state-of-art Rockchip quadcore processor,unu™ lets you enjoy full HD videos in 1080p, and simultaneous and seamless execution of multiple apps and processes.

The game controller is high precision and extremely low latency, a crucial feature for gamers, yet the biggest challenge in controller design.. But with 17 years of experience in the gaming industry Sunflex was in an ideal place to design a high performing gaming controller.
With its docking station,unu™ transforms each TV set in your home into a smart TV so you can access the entertainment anywhere in your home. All you have to do is place additional, affordable docking stations in each room you that you have a TV.


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