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Chasing Aurora to launch on Wii U



VIENNA, Austria – May 31, 2012 – Broken Rules announced the Nintendo Wii U™ eShop as the official launch platform of their game Chasing Aurora today. This highly anticipated indie game is scheduled to be released in late 2012. Chasing Aurora is an aerial action game that is set in the thin air of the Alps. It is a 2D open world action game featuring physics-based flight and air combat. The game has been nominated at the A MAZE Indie Games Award 2012 and was first shown to the public at LunarCade Shanghai.

Confirmed key features of the game include:
- Unique physics-based flight inspired by the age-old dream of human aviation.
- A fresh and mysterious world to explore.
- Outstanding 2D vector- and pixel-based art style right in the middle between origami and pop-up book.
- Challenging creature AI and spectacular physics- and frame-based animation.
- Original soundtrack performed on Alpine instruments and composed by Christof Dienz.
- A story-based single player campaign told without words.
- At least 4 different multiplayer game modes, some of them asymmetricand specifically built around the unique features of the Wii U™ GamePad.

More features, other platforms and new killer content will be announced once they are developed far enough to talk about them. There is no ESRB rating yet. Stay up to date by following @BrokenRules and @Chasing_Aurora on Twitter.