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Webcarzz Announces Name Change to Vector City Racers


Webcarzz, Inc. announced a planned corporate name change to Vector Entertainment and product name change to Vector City Racers.  The new product name, Vector City Racers, is intended to better represent the Company’s casual MMO/virtual world. Vector Entertainment and MCS Games are developing an upcoming virtual world targeted to boys and their affinity for racing.  In celebration of the new name, Vector Entertainment also announced the Fastest Road to Fun Contest.

“As we develop the game, we have been conducting deep consumer research to ensure we deliver a product that meets the needs of our target audience. As a direct result of our findings, Vector City Racers more accurately reflects the game’s visual style and unique gameplay experience that is geometrically structured,” said Chris Bergstresser, CEO, Vector Entertainment.

Since the CarStructor tool for building vehicles to race in the game was first launched in January, kids have been creating the usual cars, trucks and planes, as well as original vehicles depicting such items as a “pogo stick”, “pirate hat”, and “cheese sandwich”. Continued Bergstresser, “The game’s design has evolved to encompass so much more of what a child’s imagination can hold. By offering kids tools and an environment to unlock their creativity, we are giving them a sense of freedom and empowerment not seen in online games before. There is no limit to what children can create with this game, as evidenced by the examples above.”


The Fastest Road to Fun Contest invites all players to design their own vehicle using CarStructor, aneasy-to-use online creation workshop, and submit it to Vector City Racers.  A panel of five judges from the company will select the grand prize, second place and third place winners. The Fastest Road to Fun Contest begins on April 22, 2009 and ends on June 24, 2009. Winners will be announced on July 1, 2009. 

The grand prize winner’s original vehicle will be featured in the game as one of several default starter vehicles. The grand prize also includes tickets and air travel for up to a family of five to one of the following of the winners choosing: Red Bull Grand Prix, NHRA Autolite Nationals, MonsterJam Truck Show, or NASCAR Allstate 400. Second place winner will receive a lifetime membership to the Vector City Racers game. The third place winner will receive a signed copy of the Vector City Racers comic book from world renowned comic illustrator and writer Kyle Baker.

To enter The Fastest Road to Fun Contest, players need to visit www.vectorcityracers.com and build their own customized 3D vehicles with CarStructor. Starting with a basic canvas consisting of two cubes and a set of wheels, children can create original 3D vehicles with simple drag and click motions. CarStructor empowers kids to stretch and pull the cubes’ corners in three dimensions, as well as widen, narrow, shorten or lengthen the wheels.   A wide palette of colors is provided to further customize each vehicle. Branded and original decals that add an extra touch of personalization are also available. CarStructor features an easy-to-use camera that allows kids to see their creation from every angle.  For full contest rules and regulations visit: www.vectorcityracers.com during the month of April.

Vector City Racers is an integrated game experience that combines the depth of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and the competition of circuit track racing in a casual environment where all roads lead to fun. Vector City Racers’ environment is comprised of shapes and structures that are constructed in real-time 3D as the players explore and interact through the game’s cities. Vector City Racers is currently in closed beta.  For more information on the closed beta test, visit www.vectorcityracers.com.

[UPDATE 04/30/2009] The contest start date has been changed to May 18, 2009.


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