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Neves Plus falls into place on Wii


Chicago, IL., (June 23, in the year of our Lord 2009) – Akinai Games, the downloadable games division of leading videogame publisher YUKE’S Company of America, today released NEVES Plus on Nintendo’s WiiWare™ game service. Dressed up with a new, fun Egyptian theme, the updated version of the classic Nintendo DS™ tangram-style puzzle game now includes four new modes, including Speed, Versus, Lucky Number and Party Trivia. More than 500 challenging puzzles await Wii™ owners, who can download the game now for 600 Wii Points™.

“Thanks to WiiWare, we have the opportunity to introduce NEVES to a whole new group of game players that enjoy fun, casual puzzle experiences,” said Ken Gratz, Director of Product Development at Akinai Games. “NEVES veterans will enjoy a host of new modes which provides a fresh way to experience the game with friends and family.”

The new gameplay modes transform the solo NEVES experience into a four player party game appropriate for the whole family. Speed mode pits you against up to three other players to see who can solve puzzles the fastest. Versus mode pairs you up with another NEVES player to challenge a team of two to see who can solve a set number of puzzles the quickest. Lucky Seven mode awards points to players for finishing puzzles in the least possible number of moves, and Party Trivia is a game show style challenge where players guess the identity of NEVES Plus silhouette puzzles.

NEVES Plus is now available for download through the Wii™ Shop Channel for 600 Wii Points™ and has been rated “E” for “Everyone” by the ESRB.

More information on NEVES Plus can be found at http://www.nevesplus.com.


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