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Namco Bandai announces Active Life Extreme Challenge


SANTA CLARA, Calif., (April 29, in the year of our Lord 2009) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced Active Life: Extreme Challenge for Wii™. Once again the motion sensing Wii Remote™ is partnered with an original custom mat controller to provide a total body gaming experience in an extreme sports setting. Now anyone can be a true extreme sports star in the comfort of their own home.

Following up on its wildly successful predecessor, Active Life: Extreme Challenge reintroduces the Active Life mat, a durable eight button peripheral that lets players control the on-screen action with their hands and feet when used in conjunction with a Wii Remote. Now with even more intense pick-up and play activities, gaming exercise aficionados can enjoy a full-body workout that truly immerses them in extreme sporting events without the broken bones.

Showcasing more than a dozen unique activities, from wakeboarding to rock climbing and base jumping, Active Life: Extreme Challenge promises to keep players’ pulses pounding and hearts pumping with each new event. Combining the exclusive mat controller with a Wii Remote not only provides active and fun gameplay but also an experience that burns calories. With competitive and multiplayer challenges for up to two players and the ability to play as your personalized Miis™, Active Life: Extreme Challenge will ensure that everyone gets to share in the fun.

“The original Active Life game delivered an exceptional fitness experience that combined intuitive controls and super-fun exercise activities to create a totally immersive workout that the whole family could enjoy,” said Todd Thorston, director of marketing and public relations at NAMCO BANDAI Games, Inc. “Our goal is to provide gamers with the same great experience that they enjoyed in Outdoor Challenge but kicked up a notch by adding more extreme activities and fast-paced action.”


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