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MLB Dugout Heroes Launch Date


San Jose, Calif.---MLB Dugout Heroes is the first fully licensed and online-based PC baseball game in North America, featuring all Major
League Baseball players and stadiums from the past and present. In addition to the MLB-licensed game features, MLB Dugout Heroes has many unique gameplay attractions including its unique and realistic leveling system which allows players to grow stronger and better as they continue through the game. In addition, special points are given to players as they complete baseball missions (quests) given daily or weekly, and these points can be used to purchase new players, uniforms, items, and more. For more information on features or to join in the open beta that is currently going on visit www.mlbdugoutheroes.com.

As MLB Dugout Heroes delivers both the fun of an MMORPG, and the competitive gameplay of a sports game, it is sure to be a smash hit for all baseball fans young and old.

Product Features
* Draft and create your favorite players from any MLB year - Choose your favorite players from any MLB era and create the best team!
* Play Online or practice by yourself - Play against your friends online to see who's the best!
* Level up your team and players - By playing against people online, your players level up and become stronger and trained!
* Unique items - Users will be able to purchase new player draft cards, uniforms, bats, pitches, and much more!
* Features animated versions of real MLB players - See your favorite players as cartoon versions of themselves!
* Easy learning curve - Fun for both beginner and expert gamers alike!


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