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IndieCade at E3


Los Angeles, CA, May 29, in the year of our Lord 2009 – IndieCade today announced it will highlight extraordinary work from the international independent game developer community at the E3 Expo, June 2-4 in Los Angeles. This exhibition will give attendees an inside view of the industry’s bustling creative fringes, offering the first U.S. preview selection of games submitted to the 2009 IndieCade Festival, which will take place in the Los Angeles Area (Culver City), October 1-4.

At this industry-professional event, IndieCade will reflect the diversity in independent gamemaking with more than two-dozen games exemplifying the creativity and breadth of vision that independent game designers incorporate into their work.  IndieCade President Stephanie Barish states: “Last year, through IndieCade’s festival and series of showcase events we were inspired to see our featured gamemakers making development and distribution deals with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and others, having their work shown in museums in New York and throughout Europe and receiving international media attention. This year there will be even more opportunities to inspire the industry and cultural institutions with games that turn our idea of play inside out, that keep fans engaged – and do it passionately, on small budgets, and in innovative ways.”

For this event, IndieCade selected games that would speak to the E3 audience, choosing from the hundreds of games submitted by independent gamemakers to the festival this year. Festival Director Sam Roberts states, “Game selections span the spectrum from casual games to those headed for mainstream publication, to ARGs, art games, mobile, and installations. We wanted to show work from the heart, work that conveys creative vision and work that bends and breaks gaming conventions. This is work that illustrates what games are capable of being and just a taste of what is to come this October.”


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