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CGDC 2009 dated


Registration is open at CGDC.ORG

Mark your calendars as the date and venue for CGDC 09 are set!  July 30-August 1st at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon! 

Please forward this to ANYONE that you think might be interested - better that they get it twice!

Many will notice the date change - this was due to issues with venues, including availability, services, and pricing! 

Organizing has started in earnest!  Look to the Conference Planning section of the forum and post if you are willing and able to give a talk, host a workshop, etc. or for more details about CGDC09.  And volunteer!!
Conference Planning section

And we implore and beg of you to be in prayer.  Pray that the conference is a blessing to the attendees and to God!  And pray for safe travels for everyone.  And pray to see if God wants you there.  At the Winter Retreat, we had several that said that God wanted them there.  Speaking of Winter Retreat, a special thank you to Laurene Wells for her efforts at organizing it!!!

Tim Emmerich, Director of Conferences
and Charlie Mauck & Laurene Wells
Association of Christian Entertainment

The mission of the Christian Game Developers Conference is three-fold:

First, to bring Christians involved in game development together in fellowship.

Second, to provide a chance to discuss topics relevant to game development.

Third, to pray for God to bless all aspects of the game development industry.

The Christian Game Developers Conference encompasses board, card, paper, video and computer game development.

We are an international community of Christians with diverse interests in the game development process, glorifying God through the administration and application of our interests and abilities within the gaming industry.

Who is invited?
Anyone with an interest in all genres of game development or actively involved in such. It is not required that they be a Christian but it should be obvious that our perspective will be presented in that manner.


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