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Carnival Games Wild West 3D



Carnival Games Wild West 3D Carnival Games Wild West 3D

Carnival Games Wild West 3D

Carnival Games: Wild West 3D – The newest game in the popular Carnival Games® franchise exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS that fully utilizes the Nintendo 3DS’ built-in motion and gyro sensor capabilities to bring players an eye-poppin’, motion-compatible game play experience. With 25 exciting Wild West games and attractions including, Ricochet, Outlaw Wrangler, Git the Gold, and Posse vs. Bandits, as well as games that test players’ wits, such as Treasure Map, Blind Man’s Bluff and Nugget Falls.

* Available: This Christmas season exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, rated E10+ - Everyone ages 10 and above.

Name: Carnival Games Wild West 3D
System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Developer: 2K Games
Release Date: February 3, 2012