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Tropico 4 Gold Edition 


Kalypso Media is back with the Tropico island simulation. This time it is Tropico 4 Gold Edition on the Xbox 360 and Personal Computer. Family Friendly Gaming was provided this game on the Xbox 360. It contains Tropico 4, and the Modern Times Add-on. It is exceptional to see Kalypso putting this on the Xbox 360. It is great to see console gamers getting some Tropico love.

This is the second time the WMG has been able to review a Tropico game. So the concepts are very familiar. As is the game play style and what needs to be done. It is awesome to be able to do things before the game asks you to - like build a college, or grow some tobacco.

Tropico 4 Gold Edition is all about choices. The player decides what they want to do. Will they care more about the environment than people? Will they take a path of peace and religion? Will they rule with an iron fist? What will they export, and which nations will they try to appease.

The level of replay in Tropico 4 Gold Edition is near endless. It is intelligent to start with the tutorial. Then go into the campaign and perform everything that needs to be done there. Once you have enough knowledge and experience it is time to enjoy Tropico 4 Gold Edition in Sandbox Mode.

Tropico 4 Gold Edition includes a variety of colorful characters. These range from greedy fat cats, to annoying hippie environmentalists. We run into a past dictator who guides our way, to an alcoholic priest. Many of the descriptors come from the diverse characters we have to interact with. This game even attempts to redefine marriage to appease radicals. No support for traditional marriage was found.

Tropico 4 Gold Edition allows you to become a respected and loved leader. You can also become a despised despot. The choice is yours all along the way. Do you keep the people happy or do you keep them under your thumb? Are you aloof or directly involved in their lives?

It does not take players long to need a Council of Ministers to help manage the affairs of the island nation. Players are also confronted with over one hundred different buildings. These range from colleges to medical clinics. Later on players can pick a shuttle launch to show their might.

Time does not always keep on ticking in Tropico 4 Gold Edition. Players can pause time in Tropico 4 Gold Edition while they plan their moves. Time can be fast forwarded, and double fast forwarded to speed through construction of buildings, farms, and more. The temporal aspects of Tropico 4 Gold Edition improve it greatly.
Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Xbox 360/PC
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Rating: ‘T’ - Teen
{Alcohol Reference, Tobacco Reference, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence}
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