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2018 Christian Game Developers Conference



July 3, in the year of our Lord 2018 -- The 17th Annual Christian Game Developers Conference (CGDC) is scheduled for July 19 through 21, 2018, at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. It is the only gathering of Christian game developers focused on creating games, encouraging one another, professional development, and collaboration. The conference includes general and concurrent sessions, an Exposition Area (Expo), shared meals (included with registration), and opportunities for prayer and fellowship.

This year’s presentations are scheduled to include: talks from The Bible Project, a presentation from Cheryl Gress of Christ Centered Gamer, a general session by our CGDC President, Charlie Mauck on intentionally creating successful games, the annual Year in Review of Christian games by Michael Herrera, sessions by Soma Games (Redwall) and Defiance Games (Archmage Rises) and the always fun CGDC Games Cup competition hosted by Jii Vasquez.

During our evening Expo, attendees can display their game projects in a safe, closed environment (not open to the public) and receive both constructive feedback and encouragement to get their project from concept to market. There is no additional cost for registered attendees to participate in displaying their project.

In service to our Christian developers, we keep our registration fees affordable ($225 for three days) and offer low cost, on-site dorms for those on a tight budget. We also keep our conference family-friendly by offering reduced rate registration ($100 for Supporting Family Members) for additionally attending spouses and children as well as, for a second year running, on-site childcare. Further, complimentary shuttle rides from Portland Airport (PDX) to the nearby conference venue (and back) can be arranged as an option during registration. Signups are through our official CGDC website at http://cgdc.org/registration

The CGDC was created to provide Christian game developers a solid opportunity to create Bible-based and Christian-themed games. In an ever growing industry, where the number of platforms as well as the quantity of players worldwide increases, we aim to bring light and salt to one of the most influential industries of the 21st century.

Chairman of the Board, Tim Emmerich, requests prayers for the event: "Please pray that CGDC truly glorifies God and encourages everyone that attends. Ask God to continue to bless the developers and their efforts. And, for teams that have games, grant that they may enjoy success in the marketplace. Finally, we request safe travels for those attending."

Anyone involved or interested in any aspect of game development is encouraged to attend.

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