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Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures





Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures 


It has been a real pleasure for Family Friendly Gaming to receive so many Mama games to review. Majesco Entertainment has really shown that they get what families want. They ignore the hate speech from the blinded media outlets, and continue a franchise that has done well. Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is an interesting different take that shakes things up.

Families will explore the wilderness in Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures. Then as certain events are triggered they will play mini games. These mini games are like what we have come to expect from the Mama games. The exploration levels are interesting, and very different. Players have to collect certain items to get through certain areas. All the while they have to avoid the walking patterns of the animals.

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is very lush with colors. I enjoyed the outdoor theme, and things like smores. Animals are fed in many of the mini games. Feeding squirrels was my personal favorite. Many of the graphics are on the small side. I know this is a Nintendo DS game, but still. Some of the mini games have small graphics and others are much larger. This mixture works in ways I had not originally anticipated.

I love how encouraging Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is. The entire Mama franchise is known for it. This is one of the great things about this franchise. Failing is never allowed. Family members can lose all their hearts in an exploration area and are encouraged to do better next time. The same goes for creating something. In the cooking and creation mini games the story continues. In contrast the exploration areas must be replayed completely. The music continues to be awesome.

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures contains thirty-eight exploration levels, and one hundred mini games. This will keep families busy for months. Then they can start to collect insects, fish, and treasures to add to their scrap book. I feel that Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is worth the price of admission. The mini games are unique to this hand held video game.

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures explains how to play each mini game before and during the game play. This opens this Nintendo DS game up to novice gamers. I was able to play almost every single mini game in Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures with no issues. I never could figure out how to catch butterflies. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but every single one always escaped.

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures includes a single card download play for up to four players. Which can bring family members together. I love the concept of camping, and having a video game created on it. This game can direct people towards spending more time outside. It was a real pleasure for me to play and review Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures.

I did notice one odd mini game in Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures. There is a game where you pull ghosts back into a box they are trying to escape from. Like I said odd. The exploration in Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures is different from what we have seen before. I enjoyed doing it because it broke up the mini games. It also made me think about where certain things were.
- Paul


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 96%
Replay/Extras: 97%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 87%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
ating: 'E
' - Everyone
{Comic Mischief}

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