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Wipeout Create & Crash 


I don't know what it is about the Wipeout games that has caught my eye. Something about going through the courses as quickly as possible appeals to me. Wipeout Create & Crash is the latest version that has been purchased by Family Friendly Gaming. Don't get me started on the PR and Marketing failures going on over at Activision. Thankfully Wipeout Create & Crash did not cost much money. Look for my review of Wipeout Create & Crash on the Nintendo 3DS in issue #108. Wipeout Create & Crash is a bit shorter than some of the other Wipeout games.

The bouncy balls in Wipeout Create & Crash are still very unpredictable. Sometimes they worked great, and other times they sent my character into the drink. I like some of the new challenges in Wipeout Create & Crash like running on a giant planet avoiding pop ups. Wipeout Create & Crash is a short experience that will let you monkey around with the courses if you feel like it. I wish there were more options available in setting up your own courses in Wipeout Create & Crash. That is probably the biggest disappointment in Wipeout Create & Crash. At least in my opinion.
{05/11/2016}- Paul


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