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Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a physical copy of the CD Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise. This bluegrass CD contains twelve songs. The songs on this CD are Let's Praise Him, Put Me Down, Going Home, Coal Miners Prayer, We're Gonna Rise, Lord Do A Work in Me, Talk with Your Heart, No More sin, I Know The Man, Mercy and Grace, Glory Bound, and I Dreamed I Drove The Nails. Faith has a prominent role in the songs on the Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise CD.

The lessons on the Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise CD are praising God, having humility, looking forward to going to heaven, working for your family, giving your life to God, were gonna shine, were gonna rise, how to become saved, wanting God to work in our hearts, analyze your heart, pray for forgiveness, ask God into your heart, how great it is going to be when sin is gone, knowing Jesus, the only way to heaven is through Jesus, and the guilt we have for Christ on the cross.

One thing I noticed about Crosspoint is they are a plump bunch. Bluegrass and music has been good to them. I have never seen them in person, but I am guessing they are not running around stage while performing. Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise reminds us how important a relationship with God is. It also reminds me how important it is to exercise our physical bodies as well. I like the vocals in Crosspoint We're Gonna Rise.
- Yolanda


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